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  • Home Care

    Care delivered with compassion

    The Careworld London services homecare team will make it possible for you or your loved ones to maintain as much independence as possible, by providing the appropriate in-home care and companionship.

    Home carers can help with eating and drinking, washing and bathing, dressing and undressing, going to bed and getting up, going to the toilet, and prompting you to take your medication. They can also help with domestic tasks, such as preparing meals, laundry, ironing and shopping.

    You can also get help with social activities, such as going to the cinema, or have someone with you so that you can get out and about.

    If you need significant regular help with personal care and practical tasks, Care world London services may be able to arrange for a home carer to visit you – Please call us on (0)207 655 4588for further advise or visit our office at Careworld London Ltd.The Whitechapel Centre, 85 Myrdle Street, LondonE1 1HL.

    The type of careservices needed by our at the home level vary from providing companionship and assistance around the house, line in care support services and other home care related services which are available 24/7 on demand and guaranteed to make our clients live a full, very independent and comfortable life in their homes.

    All our support care services are not only accommodated, but tailored and designed by Careworld London team members to fit into any user’s needs based on request.

    However, listed below are few of the care services provided at Careworld to meet the care needs of our clients irrespective of their location. Although at Careworld London, no two care plan services are the same; hence the under listed services should and must not be seen as being restrictive or exhaustive as our services are usually designed around the uniqueness of the circumstances of our clients.

    Home Care and Support at Home:
    • Getting out of bed
    • Washing / Bathing / Showering
    • Getting dressed / Undressed
    • Managing continence
    • Emptying commodes
    • Skin and Hair care
    • Prompting to Take Medication
    • Going to Bed
    • Assisting in Making Appointments
    • Assisting with Maintaining Social Contact
    • Provide Advice and Supportive Information
    • Collection of Pension / Benefits
    • Assistance with Use Of Telephone
    • Assistance with Paying Bills

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