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  • Paying for your home care

    We work hard to make our fee structure transparent

    We know that every financial situation is unique; hence our home care service costs have been specifically designed and tailored to meet every client’s needs with utmost flexibility.

    All of these care packages with their associated costs are all available at Careworld London on hourly, daily, overnight or Live-in care basis.

    At Careworld London:
    How much does Careworld London home care cost?

    The cost of home care must be relatively reasonable, predictable and above all affordable. Financing care with Careworld London is a matter of building a package to suit your lifestyle and needs. Hence care services at Careworld London are delivered timely and the fees are determined regardless of whether or not you are being supported financially by your Local Authority or any other like it.

    Careworld London assessments are free, and carry no obligation to use our services. Call us on 020 76554588 to book discuss and book for your care needs and services and after your assessment we will provide you the cost. We provide the most competitive costs and we ensure our service users are getting value for money for their service.

    How much flexibility can I have?

    Build your Careworld London care journey with small blocks of services and adjust them over time to meet your needs. However, there is adequate room for adjustments based on your interests, changes in financial situation or convenience. All of these underscore the flexibility of our care plans and package.

    Additionally, cancellation of care service is allowed within 48 hours prior to the commencement of the agreed care plan at zero cost.

    What funding support can I access?

    If you are at the beginning of your care journey – because you either need care or are providing care to a loved one – contact your Local Authority or council and ask for a ‘Needs Assessment’. A representative from your council, such as a social worker, will usually visit to discuss your situation with you and to agree with you on what steps and actions to be taken to achieve your goals.

    Based on the conviction of your council authority that you deserve the care support, the council then completes an assessment of your finances which is usually a means test against national eligibility criteria. This will determine how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of care services, as well as how much your Local Authority can afford to use in subsidising the required care support by you.

    There are a range of options as to how this Local Authority assistance might be managed – such as in a budget managed by the Authority, or as a payment made directly to you. All of these can be worked out by liaising a work with your Local Authority to determine this.

    However in a situation where you are re not eligible for financial help from the council or from the NHS, then it means all your care needs and services will be self funded and purely on your account.

    Where can I go for advice?

    Even if you are not eligible for financial contributions from your local council, you may be eligible for free financial advice on funding your care. We strongly advise that you contact your local council for detailed information.

    Private, independent, and charitable advisors are also available to provide the required assistance in organising your finances to accommodate home care. Free advice can be sought through the following bodies:

    Department of Health

    Provided you are a self funder, it may be of interest to you to seek to access the paid advice of the Eldercare Group, who specialise in guiding clients through the confusion of planning and investment for care fees funding. As one of the first companies established to specialise in care fees advice, they have successfully over the years given peace of mind to countless number of clients, thereby ensuring that they receive the care of their choice for the rest of their lives. Careworld London has being in partnership with Eldercare for several years and the relationship so far has been mutually beneficial and highly rewarding.

    We offer expertise and experience

    If you have any questions about Careworld London service options, fees, or care assessment, call us today. Our team will find an appropriate specialist to answer your queries. We have successfully worked with several individuals and families with varying degrees of care needs and support services at various time and the success of the results recorded has been so phenomenal. Please feel free to us today on 020 76554588 and let us be of great assistance to you.

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